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Green Immersion.jpg

Immersion Oil on Linen 24"w x 36"h 2019

Iceland Road Trip 4.png

Iceland Road Trip Oil on Paper 15"h x 22"w 2019

Iceland Road Trip 1.png

Black Soil Oil on Paper 15"h x 22"w 2019

Iceland Road Trip 3.png

Aqua Ice Oil on Paper 15"h x 22"w 2019

Quiet Under the Surface.jpg

Quiet Under the Surface Oil on Paper 22"w x 30"h  2019

Out in the Open.jpg

Out in the Open Oil on Paper 22"w x 30"h 2019

The Speed of Life.jpg

The Speed of Life Oil on Paper 22"w x 30"h 2019

IMG_E1828 copy.jpg

 Seek Oil on Paper 30"w x 40"h 2019

IMG_2026 copy.jpg

Guard Oil on Paper 30"w x 40"h 2019


Ahmad Oil on Linen 13"w x13"h 2019

IMG_2879 Tree.jpg

Tree Life Oil on Paper 13"w x13"h 2019


Fjardrargljufus Oil on Paper 30"w x 40"h 2019

Lake Triptych

Oil on Panel 18"w x 24"h 2019 

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